Port Authority Kids ConnectCard


Port Authority now has a special ConnectCard just for kids!

The new Kids Reduced Fare ConnectCard is for children ages 6-11 and enables them to ride the bus, T or Mon Incline for half fare ($1.25). The card may also be loaded with:
  • Stored cash value (up to $200)
  • A 10-Trip Pass ($12.50)
  • A Weekly or Monthly Pass

With the card, kids will:
  • Not pay the additional cash surcharge
  • Can purchase a transfer for half price ($.50.)

Applications will be accepted in person at Port Authority's Downtown Service Center located at 534 Smithfield Street or online. The application must be completed by the child's parent or guardian and must be accompanied by valid proof of age. Acceptable proof-of-age documents include:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate

The card will expire on the child's 12th birthday. At that time, the expired Kid Card can be exchanged for a full fare ConnectCard with any remaining stored value transferred. For more information, call 412-442-2000.